Friday, July 31, 2009

What A Clip!

Have we all seen this? Stoned on Judge Judy?

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Twitter catches a big L.

Sony Corp. Chief Executive Howard Stringer may have had the best quip of the day. Asked about the success of Twitter and other social networking sites, Stringer said:



Google brings a little swagger to Sun Valley -- LA Times

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Wisconsin: Still better than Minnesota

Favre staying retired
By Greg A. Bedard of the Journal Sentinel
July 28, 2009 4:14 p.m.

Green Bay - Brett Favre told Minnesota Vikings coach Brad Childress he will remain retired in a recent phone conversation, Childress told the Minneapolis Star Tribune this afternoon.
A source has since confirmed the report to the Journal Sentinel.

Favre cited the mental and physical grind that comes with playing a full National Football League season.
“I just think it was a rare opportunity to explore a Hall of Fame quarterback who had background in the NFC and in this division,” Childress told the Star Tribune. “He knows our system inside out … This doesn’t change anything about how I feel about our football team.”

Two things we all have seen.

But you know, just in case.

Two of the newest greatest clips of all time.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Watch My Show Again

New time.
9pm eastern and pacific.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Album Review #21: Maxwell - BLACKsummer's Night

Blacksummer's Night=The best album recorded in recent human memory.

There's not much I can say about this one. Totally blindsided. Read a few reviews and bought it, and after a few thousand non-stop listens, it only gets better, deeper, weirder, more complex, just perfect. it's an amazing piece of r&b. And the band is crack. The music doesn't have the smoothed out bedroom quality cheese that ruined so much mid-90's r&b. That's not to say it's not smooth, not to say it doesn't bump a slow jam, or slow jam a song, it's just an amazing piece of art. And at less than 40 minutes, you owe it to yourself. Listen, buy it, read about it, love it.

Help Somebody
Pretty Wings

Monday, July 20, 2009

Watch My Show

The New York Times gave us a so-so review (is it journalism, is it entertainmnet, etc.) but they still agree there is a good sixty minutes piece underneath it all, The Washington Post loves it. Still, this piece, about the controversy we caused is far more interesting. And this is the incident that started it all.


10 PM Eastern Time
9 PM Central and Pacific

Friday, July 17, 2009

Jackie Chain

So this guy is half-Chinese, half-redneck, and all amazing. pause If his myspace bio is true, one month after his dad kicked him out of the house at 16, he was living in a mansion with a pool. From hustling.

This is a hotel room freestyle that doesn't really get going till about halfway through. He ends it though with the greatest, "I smoke better weed than you" rhyme I've ever heard with "that take one hit and go bye-bye shit, Dave Chappelle Half-Baked Mr. Nice Guy shit."

And hearing the cap of the beer hit the floor at the end, real rap right here.


Jackie Chain - Rick James Shit

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Are babies the best props?

Jay-Z VS The Game

The Smoking Sections has done a nice history of Jay-Z vs. The Game in their own words. I guess the beef cooked up this past weekend. Jay finally used his name and instead of dancing around it, and Game went in hard. (pause)

Link is here

The page has links to download all the songs in question. Pay special attention to the Game's 200 and 300 bars and running tracks. The first one, over the Deep Cover beat deserves a post of its own. It's way back, before his first album even came out, when he was pledging his love for G-Unit and slaughtering everyone in his way, including Joe Budden:
(2 Lincoln continentals sittin back to back/Leaving Jersey City/ naw nigga Hackensack/ Where's that? somewhere where the crackers at/Real far from where the roaches and rats is at"

and Memphis Bleek: "But it was all a dream like I seen Memph Bleek in Marcy/ I ain't say you won't see Bleek in Marcy/I said my man said he won't see Bleek in Marcy "

The final bit is emotional flooring. It is one of the most heartfelt, tear-jerking, praise for the dead forefathers of this rap shit verses I've ever heard:

"Tryin to measure the fallin legends but the shoe won't fit
Niggaz might think I'm ridin dick
Cuz I'M AT the cemetery puttin creases in my G-Unit's
Tryin to talk to Jesus Christ into lettin me dig 'em up
So they could stand side by side again and live it up
This might be the last time you hear me biggin 'em up
With suicidal thoughts bangin me and my bitch in the truck
My conscience tellin me if I put the clip in the buck
It might be loud enough to wake B.I.G and them up
What if that was P. Diddy sittin in the truck
And 2Pac was in jail the day he recorded "Hit Em Up"
I wouldn't be outside 40/40 bumpin 'Jigga What'
Wouldn't be signed to Dr. Dre I wonder is its luck
They got me on MTV with Banks, Fifth, and Buck
I ain't tryin to be L.A.'s king he carry a pimp cup"

Damn. But I digress. Anyway. His new verse at Jay is vicious. And Jay's Blueprint 3 freestyle is about as honest as a rapper will ever get.

Now that I've talked about how you should go to another website and also copied and pasted all relevant links, please do one or the other. Enjoy

Album Review #7: Wilco - Wilco (The Album)


This album lacks the country rock of AM, the cool vibe of Being There, the concept of Mermaid Ave #1 and 2, the pop of Summerteeth, the experimentation of Yankee Foxtrot, the weirdness of Ghost Is Born, or the guitar jams of Sky Blue Sky.

What does it have? A cutesy title and a cutesy first song. A cool cover shot in Milwaukee. That's it. The feeling you get when you listen, "this album doesn't suck, but when I want to listen to Wilco I will never choose to listen to this Wilco."

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Consequences of the irrational nature the woman #1

Consequences of the irrational nature the woman #1

I'm worried this is going to be an ongoing series.

From the jsonline:

According to the department:

The woman was driving a red Ford Focus shortly before noon northbound on the highway as she argued with her husband. Near Mayfair Road, she lost control of the car, crashing into a black sport utility vehicle on its left side and then a motorcycle on the car's right.

The impact caused the motorcycle to explode and sent the motorcyclist off a bridge and onto Underwood Parkway. The 54-year-old West Milwaukee motorcyclist was declared dead at Froedtert Hospital in Wauwatosa.

After reading the police complaint, I will summarize and add a bit more.
The man and the woman are having troubles, yet she agrees to run errands with him. The woman can't stop yelling, and as the man goes to turn up the radio so as to avoid listening to her nonsense, she jerks the wheel, crashing into an suv. She overcompensated, crashed into a bike, setting it on fire, and sending the driver off the bridge!


Who knew when I walked into the party five years ago and a dude I went to high school with who became a pimp told me that pimping ain't easy "cause you dealing with women, and women have very explosive personalities."

Here is a link to the complaint.
video link is here

Monday, July 6, 2009

Robert McNamara

It would be hard to find a man who lived a life more interesting, let alone one with a greater impact on the world at large than Robert McNamara. Regardless of how you see McNamara, as the efficiency expert who brought Ford back to the top, the war-criminal who firebombed Tokyo, the hero who single handedly saved the world from nuclear annihilation, the man who put 58195 names on the wall in Washington, or the haunted old man who years later shouted from every rooftop he had been wrong, "terribly wrong" about "his" war.

McNamara had beliefs, and right or wrong, he's the quintessential example of a man not motivated by any type of personal gain, rather, the confidence of his own convictions. He believed his path was right, and that following that path was the best way to bring about best results.

And even though his admissions of errors and his guilt-ridden end of days do little to bring back the kids who died in the jungle half a world away, it still means something. Would Rumsfeld stand up at the end of his life and say, "I was wrong?" Never. Forget Rumseld, how many people have stood up and said, "my life was wrong, what I am going to be remembered for was a mistake. And don't pity me, I sent thousands of boys to their death because I was wrong." McNamara made mistakes, but I hope we can all look up and try and mirror his ability to be honest with the world, and himself.

“War is so complex it’s beyond the ability of the human mind to comprehend our judgment, our understanding, are not adequate. And we kill people unnecessarily.”

obit here

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Getting back to the basics of this blog

In New York City, Fewer Murders on Rainy Days

On Aug. 26, 2006, something unusual happened in New York City.

It was a Saturday in the heart of summer, the kind of day that averages more than two homicides. Yet the police reported no killings.

One other thing happened that day: it rained.

In fact, an analysis by The New York Times of rainfall and homicides for the last six years shows that when it rains substantially in the summertime, there are fewer homicides.

When there was no precipitation, there was an average 17 homicides every 10 days. But when there was an inch or more of rain, the average dropped to 14.

That does not surprise Vernon J. Geberth a former Bronx homicide squad commanding officer. He said when there was a downpour, the police would sometimes joke, “The best cop in the world is on duty tonight.”

The gap is even wider when looking just at Saturdays in the summer. Those days typically post the highest number of homicides in the course of a year. When there was no rain, the average number of homicides for the 10 Saturdays in summer jumped to 24. For those few Saturdays doused with at least an inch of rain, the rate was 18.

The rest here.