Friday, May 11, 2012

Boosie Trial - Testimony of Constantino Dimitrelos

Constantino is a computer expert who did some deep, dark examining of Boosie's hard drive.  No homo.  On the drive, he found photos of both Louding and Pitteman getting tattoos of Ak-47's with the phrase "Yo Boosie, who next?"  Both the photos were taken in Boosie's home after the Boyd murder.

He also looked at cell phone records to show Louding's movement the night of the murder.  The gops tracker on the phone showed Louding at Boosie's house, near the murder scene, and then back at Boosie's house after the murder.

The defense asked if any of the incoming calls were from Boosie, Dimitrelos said no.

The highlight dealt with Boosie's song lyrics.  There was a big debate over whether or not Boosie's lyrics would be admissible, they were.  The prosecutors weren't only presenting the content into evidence, but more damaging, when they lyrics were recorded.

According to Dimitrelos, Boosie recorded some lyrics to "187," specifically the lines "YO Marlo, he drive a Monte Carlo, that shit grey, I want that bitch dead today.  Here go the cake," between 11:24 and 11:54 te night of the murder.  The song also mentions "five dead in six months," which is about the number of murders the cops think Boosie had his hand in.  Shortly after midnight, Boosie recorded the song Bodybag containing the lines "get on my level if shoot and miss it's death.  You must have heard when you die you shit and piss on yourself."  Doesn't really have too much to do with the case, but I thought it's a good enough sentiment to share with everybody.

They also played another song, unrelated to the timeline, where Boosie rhymes "ain't got no love in my body, got Marlo Mike in the backseat begging me for a body."  It's not clear if the prosecution played the song Bossman, where Marlo Mike actually has a verse bragging "Marlo Mike Bitch, i'm insane in the brain/bust a nigga ass when they fuck with bad azz/do it all for the love I don't need no green/straight kill a nigga I ain't nuthing but 15."


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