Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Jay-Z VS The Game

The Smoking Sections has done a nice history of Jay-Z vs. The Game in their own words. I guess the beef cooked up this past weekend. Jay finally used his name and instead of dancing around it, and Game went in hard. (pause)

Link is here

The page has links to download all the songs in question. Pay special attention to the Game's 200 and 300 bars and running tracks. The first one, over the Deep Cover beat deserves a post of its own. It's way back, before his first album even came out, when he was pledging his love for G-Unit and slaughtering everyone in his way, including Joe Budden:
(2 Lincoln continentals sittin back to back/Leaving Jersey City/ naw nigga Hackensack/ Where's that? somewhere where the crackers at/Real far from where the roaches and rats is at"

and Memphis Bleek: "But it was all a dream like I seen Memph Bleek in Marcy/ I ain't say you won't see Bleek in Marcy/I said my man said he won't see Bleek in Marcy "

The final bit is emotional flooring. It is one of the most heartfelt, tear-jerking, praise for the dead forefathers of this rap shit verses I've ever heard:

"Tryin to measure the fallin legends but the shoe won't fit
Niggaz might think I'm ridin dick
Cuz I'M AT the cemetery puttin creases in my G-Unit's
Tryin to talk to Jesus Christ into lettin me dig 'em up
So they could stand side by side again and live it up
This might be the last time you hear me biggin 'em up
With suicidal thoughts bangin me and my bitch in the truck
My conscience tellin me if I put the clip in the buck
It might be loud enough to wake B.I.G and them up
What if that was P. Diddy sittin in the truck
And 2Pac was in jail the day he recorded "Hit Em Up"
I wouldn't be outside 40/40 bumpin 'Jigga What'
Wouldn't be signed to Dr. Dre I wonder is its luck
They got me on MTV with Banks, Fifth, and Buck
I ain't tryin to be L.A.'s king he carry a pimp cup"

Damn. But I digress. Anyway. His new verse at Jay is vicious. And Jay's Blueprint 3 freestyle is about as honest as a rapper will ever get.

Now that I've talked about how you should go to another website and also copied and pasted all relevant links, please do one or the other. Enjoy


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