Friday, July 23, 2010

Movie Review: Harry Brown

Harry Brown: Loved it, but not as much as Andy.

And speaking of Andy, I couldn't help notice a few similarities and a couple major differences between him and Harry Brown. Let's take a look:

1. Both Harry Brown and Andy are cursed with the plague of our times; asthma. But believe it or not, Harry Brown is not as good as keeping track of his inhaler as Andy. I take personal pride in this as I always touch Andy's pockets to make sure he has it on him before he exerts himself. Pause

2. Both men have their breaking points.
For Harry Brown, it's when a bunch of local no-good drug dealers kill his friend.
For Andy, it was when a bunch of non-local skinheads acted the fool during a showing of American History X.

3. Dislike of white condiments
In the morning, Harry Brown puts jam and jam alone on his toast. This habit stays, as throughout the film we never see him use sour cream, mayo, or cream cheese on anything.
Andy goes so far as to put butter on a bagel, as he considers cream cheese to be a white condiment. (instead of a spread)

4. Reliance on skills learned a long time ago
Harry Brown, once a member of the British Army, relies on his old skills and training to get back into the mind frame to murder people.
Andy studied French as a young child and helped me with some vocabulary words when I lived in Montreal.

5. Use of bags
Harry Brown puts a lot of guns he steals into bag and carries the bag around with him.
Andy has never been seen carrying a bag.

As you can see, these two are a lot more alike than one may think. Although Andy neither uses bags or commits murder, they so share many similarities.

Sean Price

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