Thursday, July 9, 2009

Consequences of the irrational nature the woman #1

Consequences of the irrational nature the woman #1

I'm worried this is going to be an ongoing series.

From the jsonline:

According to the department:

The woman was driving a red Ford Focus shortly before noon northbound on the highway as she argued with her husband. Near Mayfair Road, she lost control of the car, crashing into a black sport utility vehicle on its left side and then a motorcycle on the car's right.

The impact caused the motorcycle to explode and sent the motorcyclist off a bridge and onto Underwood Parkway. The 54-year-old West Milwaukee motorcyclist was declared dead at Froedtert Hospital in Wauwatosa.

After reading the police complaint, I will summarize and add a bit more.
The man and the woman are having troubles, yet she agrees to run errands with him. The woman can't stop yelling, and as the man goes to turn up the radio so as to avoid listening to her nonsense, she jerks the wheel, crashing into an suv. She overcompensated, crashed into a bike, setting it on fire, and sending the driver off the bridge!


Who knew when I walked into the party five years ago and a dude I went to high school with who became a pimp told me that pimping ain't easy "cause you dealing with women, and women have very explosive personalities."

Here is a link to the complaint.
video link is here


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