Thursday, September 27, 2007

Things I Know About The Wire Season Five

In no particular order:

1. It's the last season.

2. Originally, HBO ordered 13 episodes, it has been shortened to ten.

3. The final episode will be an hour and half instead of an hour.

4. It will be directed by the guy who directed the pilot episode

5. Detective Snyder, who the other young black cop who isn't Carver who once went undercover in season one and Bubbles made fun of how he dressed and Kima asked him "did he hurt your feelings" and Snyder said "yes," is the only character that remains morally sound. (according to David Simon)

6. It's supposed to be the funniest season. In a dark way.

7. The theme=the media.

8. The only other theme David Simon said would warrant another season would be the rise of the Baltimore's Hispanic population and what that does to a city. But, none of the writers know to much about it and don't think they could give it an accurate portrayal. Fucking hire someone who can, who gives a shit.

9. It airs January 6th.

10. It will be dope.

11. McNulty=back on the sauce.