Thursday, August 13, 2009

Ladies and Gentlemen:

The Doors

These guys are great! Who knew? As a straight forward, blues-based rock n' roll band, The Doors are up there with anyone else. As a droned out, psychedelic organ drenched soundtrack to Jim Morrison's verbal masturbation, it's borderline painful. It's interesting to hear how talented the band was when they are allowed to be a band. Robby Krieger may be the most underrated guitar-god in rock. And Jim Morrison, clearly the most overrated frontman of all time, and probably the biggest certifiable asshole to ever record a song, well, he did have a voice. It's a shame he did everything he could to ruin the quality and quantity of the songs he used that voice on.

Two of the best:

Peace Frog

Soul Kitchen

Ladies and Gentlemen


1) This is a movie I should have made.
2) This movie was made for me.
3) This movie may be the only film in the world that is better than Defiance.

Friday, August 7, 2009

On a quarter million jobs being an improvement

The news of the Labor Department's latest figures on July's job loss has the White House and everyone else who has any political stake in the matter jumping up and down and laughing at the Republicans. "See," they shout, "Obama's stimulus package works so well, because in July, we only lost a quarter of a million jobs. Let's put another billion into cash for clunkers."

I'm not saying going from an 9.5% unemployment rate to 9.4% isn't an improvement. But if my son was a d student and brought home a c, it wouldn't be time to buy him a new video game. It would be time to talk about how to improve his slightly improved study habits. Just because you are used to d's doesn't make c's any more acceptable. And loosing a quarter of a million jobs in one month is not acceptable. I understand it's an improvement, but it is misleading and downright insulting to tout this moderate reduction in job losses as an accomplishment. But what worries me more is using it as rock-solid evidence confirming Obama's economic polices were handed to him at Mount Sinai. We are in scary times. Even with this dip, the White House is still predicting unemployment will eventually reach 10 percent in the coming months. So the same people who are telling us to celebrate are also telling us things are going to get worse.

“The trend lines are positive,” said Mark Zandi, chief economist at Moody’s “We are going from massive job losses to just big job losses on our way to a stable job market, I think by next spring.”
That's an actual quote. Things are great. We are loosing a shitload of jobs, and it's horrible, but man you should have seen how bad it was a few months ago! You think this is a shitload of jobs, this is nothing.

This type of language to measure job loss is just plain stupid. It doesn't make any sense. And what makes it even worse is most of the jobs lost aren't coming back. Most manufacturers when hit with big orders via stimulus money don't hire back laid off workers, they just spring for overtime for their current staff.

If we want to measure any type of improvement, we need to look at not only job loss, but how many new jobs are created, but I'm guessing, in July, that number was well below a quarter million.

Curtis Mayfield -- Hard Times

Ahh Puerto Rico...OHHHHHHH Ahh Puerto Rico...OHHHHH


How proud will this make the proudest people ever in the history of the entire world ever of all time? Should we expect lots of people blowing whistles, cars with flags plastered on them blasting reggaeton, and general tomfoolery?

Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Crime of the Century

This is not about the death penalty. I'm sure regardless of how we feel about capital punishment, we can all agree this guy deserves it.

Grandparents Lose Thousands To Fake Grandson
By George Mallet
PLYMOUTH—The scared voice on the phone sounded just like Bob and Carol Grimes 24 year old grandson, Nick.

“Grandpa I’m in big trouble,” the caller said. He went on to say he had been drinking and was involved in an accident in Canada. He said he was locked up and could avoid a felony charge if his grandparents would wire him $4,200.

“The fact that he was in such trouble and in jail in Canada,” said Carol Grimes. “I just couldn’t even fathom.”

The Grimes didn’t waste any time. They went to their Plymouth bank and got the cash the man they thought was their grandson requested. Then they went to Wal-Mart to get an International Money Transfer or Money Gram. Soon, the money was on the way to Canada.


As far as I'm concerned, this is up there with murdering a child and impersonating a doctor.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Shyne Po

Shyne - Bad Boys

"Once upon a time, not long ago
When gangstas rocked waves sold dope and sniffed blow
There was a young G by the name of Shyne Po
Puttin' it down, cuttin' it up and cookin' it now"

Well, unfortunately, that time was about ten years ago, give or take a few months. Set to carry B.I.G's throne, an incident in a club and his loyalty got him sent up north for ten years. But today, his parole board ruled he will indeed be released October 6. The judge also ruled against the D.A.'s request for a strict, five year parole carrying with it strict regulations on out of state travel that would in effect, make performing outside the state of New York impossible. Luckily the defense prevailed, the judge granted Shyne a two-and-a-half year parole term. Still long, but it doesn't carry as many restrictions and will make Shyne professional life as a musician a lot easier.

While it's not winning the lottery by a long shot, it's nice to see dude catch a break after being hit by every statute the State of New York could throw at him. Sentenced to ten years and denied an early release, a civil suit was filed against him, freezing all the proceeds he made from his second album, Godfather Buried Alive, under the Son of Sam law. The basic premise of the law argues a criminal cannot profit from his own crimes, which is a great idea. We don't want the son of sam writing a book and collecting the money. But in Shyne's case, freezing his assets from before the club shooting, and the argument his second album glorifies the crime that put him in jail at the expense of the victims, is ridiculous and just flat out, extremely unfair.

Expect me to roll out a ticker tape parade in the days before October 6th. I'm keeping this post to an update, not a glorification of Shyne's abilities. (pause)

But, here are a few facts you didn't know about Shyne.

1. Born in Belize city, his father is right now get this, PRIME MINISTER OF BELIZE.
2. He's a Jew. Descended from Jewish Ethiopians on his mother's side. In prison he become Orthodox.

Shyne - Bad Boys

An Inside Look at a Syrian-Jewish Enclave: Solidarity Forver, or 'Medieval Minds in Armani Desgins'?

From the Daily Forward. Don't know if anyone is actually keeping up with the New Jersey nonsense, but this is an interesting article on the current history and conflict within the Syrian-Jewish community which sits at the heart of the scandal. And yes, the Rabbi is preaching a "no snitching" doctrine to his congregants. Amazing

At the Deal Synagogue on the final Saturday afternoon of July, congregants were treated to the spectacle of a revered rabbi of the Syrian community disavowing his son.
Like virtually everyone connected to Deal’s Syrian community, the leader declined to speak for the record. But he confided, “Without using the word ‘disown,’ he said his son was no longer welcome in his home.”

According to two sources, the senior Dwek delivered a blistering speech at the gathering, in which he denounced the actions of a Jew being an informant against fellow Jews and requested the community’s prayers for him in a time of suffering. And then, as if to underline the point, the elder Dwek taught a class together with Nachum, the man caught in his son’s sting.

Reached by phone, Dwek declined to comment. “This is something I don’t wish to talk about now,” he said graciously, adding, “God bless you” when a reporter said he understood.
Deal, N.J., is a quiet and bucolic seashore summer community for the prosperous, largely Brooklyn-based Syrian-Jewish community of about 75,000. But that tranquility has been buried in a din of rumor and gossip since money laundering charges were lodged against the three Syrian rabbis, who are out on bail. There is a deep historical irony to these arrests: Solomon Dwek took down the rabbis from the two main rival families whose leadership struggle divided the community some 15 years ago. And in damaging these pillars of the community, some say, Dwek may have strengthened the ultra-Orthodox “black hat” stream that has been a rising force, at least among the rank and file.

The rest HERE

(and from the comments sections)
‘Medieval Minds in Armani Designs’. I wonder if the readers of Forward has ever been provided with informations about how Medieval can be those people living in Williamsburg or Borough Park. Or is this historical anathema reserved for those tchamtchakim, guilty to vote Likud and too not understand yiddish and socialism?


Monday, August 3, 2009

Best use of pause on live tv?