Friday, May 11, 2012

Boosie Trial - Testimoy of Carvis "Donkey" Webb, Rochelle Wagner, and DA Hillary Moore

So I'll mention right now, before you skim everything looking for the answer, no, the orgin of his nickname was never elborated upon.  To me, the state of Lousiana should disbar the prosecutors for not making this the first question.

The prosecution has tapes of calls Louding made to Webb while in jail.  Webb told Louding to say he brought up Hatch's name because the police were threatening him.   They also argue Boosie sent Louding a letter saying "listen to Donkey, he know the deal."

Webb took the stand and first things first, made it clear he wasn't anywhere near Baton Rouge the night of the murder.  Just in case anyone was asking, he was in Atlanta.   He said Louding called him because he knew his way around prison and was trying to give the guy some pointers.  He said Boosie's letter only confirms that, knowing the deal meant knowing  how to survive in prison.

And as far as Boyd goes, he and Boosie were "not in the same lanes."  Webb also let the courtroom know Boyd was not a likable guy, after all the guy got shot 14 times in one go at a nightclub.

Rochelle Wagner

Wagner is Boyd's sister and has a child with Boosie.  She testified Boosie and Boyd were not friends, but weren't enemies either.
So that clears things up.

Hillary Moore

Moore said he was called into the violent crimes unit and he went to the inview area to listen to Louding's interrogation.  Louding then singed a cooperation agreement with the D.A's office that he would serve something less than life, but it could be anywhere from one day to 100 years.  The agreement stated that it is Moore's decision to decide if Boyd's testimony is truthful.

The defense asked, "so you decide what is truthful?"
Moore said, "yes."
"But this jury decides what the truth is?"
And when Moore said yes again, the defense replied, "thank God for that."

The defense also asked why if they had a kid admitting to six murders shouldn't they turn the tape recorder on sooner.  Moore said it was up to them to decide when to hit record, but "I wish they would have."


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