Monday, August 25, 2008

Absolute Shit

Holy shit is this song bad.
And it's a shame because Jay finally figures out how to coast through a song and still bring it. TI does not disappoint either. (verses autobiographical, absolutely classical,last thing I'm worried 'bout is what another rapper do.)"
Even as a huge defender of Lil Wayne, I gotta say he could have stepped it up a bit. Kanye sounds like he pulled his auto-tuner right out of T-Pain's ass and didn't even wash it off before crooning out his nonsense.

It's too bad Jay's line, "can't wear skinny jeans cuz my knots don't fit" has to be wasted on some straight up bullshit.

So between the Paper Planes remix with Jim Jones and this one, I'm going with Jim Jones. That's says something.


so this song is so bad, it's been taken down from all the share websites. You now have to go here.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My President Is Black!!

Best Song Ever Alert #1: My President Is Black -- Young Jeezy feat Nas

So this very well could be the best song ever. I always liked Young Jeezy, but I was into him for his incessant adlibs, absurd ways of describing his cars (black on black bentley call it phantom of the Opera, Lemon lime drop top i call it a sprite), and his voice. It's safe to say he's never been one for lyrical wizardry, unless he's offering up a lyrical excel sheet breaking down a line item budget for a brick or two of coke. But, there's only so many ways to let America know it will cost 17.5. Even if others have famously, and loudly deemed it too low a price..

Needless to say, I wasn't expecting Young Jeezy's upcoming album "The Recession" to sound like Milton Friedman rhyming over DJ Toomp's latest. But I was wrong. If this track is indicative of the quality of jams, The Recession is going to be insane.

Jeezy starts off yelling the hook, "my president is black/my lambo's blue/and I'll be God damned if my rims ain't too." He goes on to talk about the pressures of life out there for the working poor, Bush stealing Florida, Pimp C looking down and telling us all to stay on the grind before finishing off his second verse with "Obama for mankind/we ready for damn change so yall let the man shine/stunting on Martin Luther/Feeling just like a king, guess this is what he meant when he said he had a dream." Damn Straight to the point.

And Nas. Shit. Dude has set a new standard for best verse of all time following the worst album ever made.

Alright, download it here. here, or listen/download here.

Mr. Black President, yeah Obama for real/they gotta your face on the 5,000 dollar bill!

Stir It Like Coffee

A few years ago when the second intifada was in full swing, and people were talking about what the hell was going on and what was going to happen, someone, and it wasn't me, said a thing I will always remember. I don't know who it was, and I'm sure i would remember who said it if it was anyone cool. Or if I wasn't sure they just read it in some op-ed piece earlier in the week. Anyway, in the midst of worry and debate about how much further and how much longer the senseless violence would continue, this person who I can't remember said, "in situations like these, things will only stop when there is a either a mind numbing huge tragedy or a gigantic act of human kindness."

That was an opening paragraph to illustrate that it's just too bad it took a tragedy like the passing of Bernie Mac for me to end my semi-retirement from blogging.

Onto Bernie Mac.
There isn't too much i can say about him. There's no need to get long winded and tell some story about the first time I ever heard him or something quasi-sentimental like that. But, in the interest of giving you all something to read, I will. When I saw Bernie Mac on Def Jam do his "you don't understand" routine, I had one of these rare moments when you realize that you have just witnessed something truly amazing. Something new, different, and boundlessly creative. It's one thing to hear a great song, but to hear a song that truly does something you haven't heard in music before, to see a scene in a film that is unlike anything you've ever witnessed, Bernie Mac did that for comedy in seven minutes one night back in the early 90s. But that was only half of it. As brilliant and hilarious and different and new this routine was, it also immediately established Bernie Mac as a brilliant, hilarious, different, and new comedian. And that doesn't happen every time someone does something brilliant, hilarious, different, and new. If I write anymore about this, I will keep using the words, brilliant, hilarious, different, and new, and I can't even imagine how annoying that would be to read.

He went on to prove to a much wider audience how truly funny he was. He had the unique talent to be funny when he wasn't funny. Just his voice and facial expression alone was enough to create laughter.

The other routine I'm posting is the "stir it like coffee" bit. These different bits can also be classified as the "air-brushed jeans with his face on it" and the "awesome yellow sweater" routine.

Bernie Mac was a very, very, funny man. We lost a good one.

for the comment board: Was Bernie Mac a black comic in the classic sense? While race was in the background for some of his material, it never really went past that. Granted his delivery is a different story, but what does that mean? Discuss: