Friday, May 11, 2012

Boosie Trial - The Testimony of Michael "Marlo Mike" Louding

 Oh man. It's heating up down in Baton Rouge. The courthouse is packed. The judge has ordered all cellphones and any connections to the outside world surrendered before entering the courtroom. Get caught with your phone going off, only an immediate six month incarceration. Guess they don't play down south.

Also, some guy tweeted he had a sniper rifle ready for D.A. Hillary Moore and if they don't free Boosie he's going to "shoot the courthouse up." He has since been arrested. He also said he was only "fooling around." The big event in the first days of the trial was Michael "Marlo Mike" Louding's testimony.

 Marlo Mike confessed not only to killing Boyd but told the cops Boosie paid him $2,800 for the hit in a tapped jailhouse testimony. But now, on the stand, he changed his story. Louding said he never killed Terry Boyd and he was at Boosie's house along with Adrienne Pittman, the getaway driver the night of the murder. After hearing this, the prosecutor replayed the jailhouse confession and asked him again if it refreshed his memory. "I never killed Terry Boyd," Louding answered. "And, Mr. Hatch never paid me to kill Terry Boyd." Notice how he threw the old Hatch didn't pay me either in there.

The craziest moment came when the judge instructed Louding to stand in front of the jury, lift up his shirt, and show tattoo on his stomach. The tattoo, which the prosecution already had a huge, blown up photo of, is an AK-47 with the the phrase "Yo Boosie, who next?" around it. Man.

 But, according to Louding, he doesn't really know what it means, it's just a tattoo.

 Louding claims the cops threatened him, threatened to lock up his family, and told him Boosie put out a $25,000 hit on him. He testified he was tricked into the confession and takes it all back. The defense made a big deal about the tape itself. Louding was questioned for seven hours before they started recording. 


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