Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Shyne Po

Shyne - Bad Boys

"Once upon a time, not long ago
When gangstas rocked waves sold dope and sniffed blow
There was a young G by the name of Shyne Po
Puttin' it down, cuttin' it up and cookin' it now"

Well, unfortunately, that time was about ten years ago, give or take a few months. Set to carry B.I.G's throne, an incident in a club and his loyalty got him sent up north for ten years. But today, his parole board ruled he will indeed be released October 6. The judge also ruled against the D.A.'s request for a strict, five year parole carrying with it strict regulations on out of state travel that would in effect, make performing outside the state of New York impossible. Luckily the defense prevailed, the judge granted Shyne a two-and-a-half year parole term. Still long, but it doesn't carry as many restrictions and will make Shyne professional life as a musician a lot easier.

While it's not winning the lottery by a long shot, it's nice to see dude catch a break after being hit by every statute the State of New York could throw at him. Sentenced to ten years and denied an early release, a civil suit was filed against him, freezing all the proceeds he made from his second album, Godfather Buried Alive, under the Son of Sam law. The basic premise of the law argues a criminal cannot profit from his own crimes, which is a great idea. We don't want the son of sam writing a book and collecting the money. But in Shyne's case, freezing his assets from before the club shooting, and the argument his second album glorifies the crime that put him in jail at the expense of the victims, is ridiculous and just flat out, extremely unfair.

Expect me to roll out a ticker tape parade in the days before October 6th. I'm keeping this post to an update, not a glorification of Shyne's abilities. (pause)

But, here are a few facts you didn't know about Shyne.

1. Born in Belize city, his father is right now get this, PRIME MINISTER OF BELIZE.
2. He's a Jew. Descended from Jewish Ethiopians on his mother's side. In prison he become Orthodox.

Shyne - Bad Boys


Anonymous Tobi said...

Hmmm weird so friend is from Belize and said he through shyne father was a prime minster but I never believed that shit becuase I would think shyne would be rich my friend also said shyne sister and mother was a lawyer or some shit and another of his sibling owned a buiness I laughed because I thought shyne was poor and shit I looked on wiki and I guess he was telling the truth shit is crazy

10/7/09, 5:29 AM  

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