Tuesday, August 4, 2009

An Inside Look at a Syrian-Jewish Enclave: Solidarity Forver, or 'Medieval Minds in Armani Desgins'?

From the Daily Forward. Don't know if anyone is actually keeping up with the New Jersey nonsense, but this is an interesting article on the current history and conflict within the Syrian-Jewish community which sits at the heart of the scandal. And yes, the Rabbi is preaching a "no snitching" doctrine to his congregants. Amazing

At the Deal Synagogue on the final Saturday afternoon of July, congregants were treated to the spectacle of a revered rabbi of the Syrian community disavowing his son.
Like virtually everyone connected to Deal’s Syrian community, the leader declined to speak for the record. But he confided, “Without using the word ‘disown,’ he said his son was no longer welcome in his home.”

According to two sources, the senior Dwek delivered a blistering speech at the gathering, in which he denounced the actions of a Jew being an informant against fellow Jews and requested the community’s prayers for him in a time of suffering. And then, as if to underline the point, the elder Dwek taught a class together with Nachum, the man caught in his son’s sting.

Reached by phone, Dwek declined to comment. “This is something I don’t wish to talk about now,” he said graciously, adding, “God bless you” when a reporter said he understood.
Deal, N.J., is a quiet and bucolic seashore summer community for the prosperous, largely Brooklyn-based Syrian-Jewish community of about 75,000. But that tranquility has been buried in a din of rumor and gossip since money laundering charges were lodged against the three Syrian rabbis, who are out on bail. There is a deep historical irony to these arrests: Solomon Dwek took down the rabbis from the two main rival families whose leadership struggle divided the community some 15 years ago. And in damaging these pillars of the community, some say, Dwek may have strengthened the ultra-Orthodox “black hat” stream that has been a rising force, at least among the rank and file.

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(and from the comments sections)
‘Medieval Minds in Armani Designs’. I wonder if the readers of Forward has ever been provided with informations about how Medieval can be those people living in Williamsburg or Borough Park. Or is this historical anathema reserved for those tchamtchakim, guilty to vote Likud and too not understand yiddish and socialism?



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