Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My President Is Black!!

Best Song Ever Alert #1: My President Is Black -- Young Jeezy feat Nas

So this very well could be the best song ever. I always liked Young Jeezy, but I was into him for his incessant adlibs, absurd ways of describing his cars (black on black bentley call it phantom of the Opera, Lemon lime drop top i call it a sprite), and his voice. It's safe to say he's never been one for lyrical wizardry, unless he's offering up a lyrical excel sheet breaking down a line item budget for a brick or two of coke. But, there's only so many ways to let America know it will cost 17.5. Even if others have famously, and loudly deemed it too low a price..

Needless to say, I wasn't expecting Young Jeezy's upcoming album "The Recession" to sound like Milton Friedman rhyming over DJ Toomp's latest. But I was wrong. If this track is indicative of the quality of jams, The Recession is going to be insane.

Jeezy starts off yelling the hook, "my president is black/my lambo's blue/and I'll be God damned if my rims ain't too." He goes on to talk about the pressures of life out there for the working poor, Bush stealing Florida, Pimp C looking down and telling us all to stay on the grind before finishing off his second verse with "Obama for mankind/we ready for damn change so yall let the man shine/stunting on Martin Luther/Feeling just like a king, guess this is what he meant when he said he had a dream." Damn Straight to the point.

And Nas. Shit. Dude has set a new standard for best verse of all time following the worst album ever made.

Alright, download it here. here, or listen/download here.

Mr. Black President, yeah Obama for real/they gotta your face on the 5,000 dollar bill!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i hate his voice to! it's like that if hip hop was high school list. . .he'd be the guy who would be cool if he didn't have such an annoying voice. that sucks i bet he could change that but none of his people want to tell him.

11/8/08, 3:53 AM  

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