Thursday, September 11, 2008

Some Real Comedy To Last Through The Weekend

Roasting, a dangerous new form of comedy that started two sundays ago, cannot be contained. It has quickly swept the greater Milwaukee area and it appears no one is safe. It is no longer possible to go anywhere without hearing about someone that couldn't make it there and why or exactly what that person is choosing to do instead. I haven't been this happy with my friends in a long, long time,

In honor of these events, I searched the Internet for Gilbert Gottfried's bit at the recent Bob Saget roast. I found it, but I also found a plethora of Gottfried that is worth a good look. In addition to his bit at the Saget roast, I've included him at the Hugh Hefner roast, the clip is everything he did with the exception of the Aristocrats joke. There's a whole movie about that one damn joke, I don't think I need to include. But, Ihis five minutes before that is well worth watching. His repetition of Ice-T's raping the white women joke is a comic masterpiece.

But, the real gem is something I had no idea even existed. I guess, and my guess is based only on finding these clips on youtube, Gottfried in the early 90's developed some sort of fascination with Andrew Dice Clay. There are two clips of him doing Dice Clay on Howard Stern and one of him doing a few minutes of him at a show. Here's the thing though, the stand-up clip is Gottfried making fun of Dice Clay's stand up, but the clips of him on Howard Stern is Gottfried just sitting there, as Andre Dice Clay.

If you are only going to watch a few, I suggest Bob Saget, and Dice Clay on Howard Stern #2 because in addition to Gilbert DIce Clay, there is a gay comedian who Gilbert Clay has a few things to say about. Also, his comic business with his cigarette is the subject of the groundbreaking 1999 book, "When Prop Comedy Becomes Comic Business: Gilbert Gottfried, Imitation, and the Future Of Comic Business" Also, clip one is slow.

part 2

part 3

bob saget

hugh hefner


Blogger daniel arnold said...


9/14/08, 9:36 PM  
Blogger Andy "YeahImhavinabeerwithmywings" Silverman said...

Andy Silverman Couldn't be here tonight...

9/15/08, 10:17 AM  
Blogger spenny said...

fuckin amazing. but i think howard one is far better than two.
you get so much cig comedy in that one, plus you don't have that poor gay that can't hang.

9/18/08, 8:31 PM  

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