Friday, September 5, 2008

Anti-Semite Watch: #1

They are out there, lurking, ready to strike with an offhand remark or actual physical violence. We must be prepared. There are those who claim we Jews make deal big a deal of this anti-semitism thing, that there is no such thing, and we need to grow up. Let me tell you, the world is still a scary place for a Jew.

Location: Comet

Anti-Semite: Some dude Andy Menchal introduced me to named Nick who no doubt was from "up-north" and was shocked at the diversity of the "big city." (Important: Not Dr. Nick! There is no need for such a man to have his reputation squandered.)

Description of event:
I was talking to this Nick character. And completely out of the blue, he asked me to sing him a couple lines from Matchmaker, Matchmaker. Which is a song from Fiddler On The Roof, a musical about the Jews. The comment, was unfunny, unprovoked, and uncalled for.
What's more, during our conversation, I never once mentioned my religion. Never! He decided to assume I was a Jew. Perhaps he overheard my long and loud tirade against diabetes that ended only moments earlier. Perhaps he heard me tell my friend not to drink from a dirty glass because there is a small chance of contracting diabetes, and you don't want diabetes because it's a terrible affliction. Perhaps he heard me refer the scourge of diabetes as being "more dangerous than dehydration." (Which by the way, is something I would never say if I were sober. As we all know the dangers of dehydration. It's absolutely the worst thing that can happen to you because once you are dehydrated, you cannot consume liquids fast enough to save your life. So you know you are going to die, and you drink water to stop it, but you can't do anything.)
Aside from that, this Nick was being very presumptuous.


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