Tuesday, September 9, 2008

2 Egg McMuffins for $3: Best Deal Ever

Usually these things come out to being two dollars plus a piece. Now you can get two of them for three dollars, the world is looking to be a better place. You can also, according to the advertisement get two sausage egg and cheese sandwiches, but we all know what the correct choice is here. Or you can mix and match, which really isn't that big of a deal because you would only be mixing and matching one breakfast sandwich with another breakfast sandwich, so that doesn't really qualify as mixing and matching. But you do get to have two things and not have to make a decision. All in all, there's a reason to be out the door before 10:30. Ladies, if you are lucky enough to wake up next to me, I may just take you out to get one of these. And by one of these, I mean one of these, not a pair of sandwiches, cause we don't want anyone gaining weight.

Did you know the McMuffin was created by renegade McDonald's food scientist Herb Peterson who went behind the copration's back to create his masterpiece? Apparently, he really liked Eggs Benedict and tried to create something kinda like it. And did you know that when the big dogs at McDonalds found out there was some long-haired, free-spirited executive out there in California just inventing sandwiches out of thin air, they went nuts and threatened to fire him. But then they all made nice and started a breakfast buisness and made billions of dollars and billions of people happy.

Herb Peterson: Breakfast's Obama


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