Thursday, September 4, 2008

Milwaukee's (but raised in LA and Seattle*) own Faythe Levine

This couldn't be any cooler.

The New York Times came to town and blessed the rest of the nation with the tale of Faythe Levine, master of all things creative. In a two page article, (9 if you access it on a mobile device) Penelope Green tells us all about her house (airy), her tattoos (lots) her artwork (everywhere), her band (she plays the saw), her movie (already the first eight minutes on youtube have received over 90,000 hits), her book (which Princeton Architectural Press has already pressed a record setting number of 20,000 copies), and her boyfriend (a fag).

All in all, I haven't been this happy since the Times profiled Rebecca Peltz. Which is a must read article, for real.

Faythe, Merlin and I are kvelling.

*page 2, paragraph 7


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