Thursday, September 4, 2008

Lou Reed vs Kevin Kline

Right now Dave and a Lou Reed concert film are on tv at the same time. This has forced the question, Lou Reed vs Kevin Kline,
who is better at what they do?

I think we can all agree Kevin Kline is a better man in the gives more to charity sense, and Lou Reed is cooler because we are supposed to think he's a cool guy. And, I'm sure we all own more Lou Reed cds than Kevin Kline dvds. But, who is better at this entertainment shit?

Arguments for Lou Reed:
Velvet Underground
Coney Island Baby
The Big Chill

Arguments for Kevin Kline
A Fish Called Wanda
Grand Canyone
A whole bunch of Lou Reed albums and the way he looks in that movie Blue In The Face

Also, it's worth noting Kevin Kline in Dave played the President-I'd-want-to-vote-for-the-most-if-movie-presidents-were-real-presidents. But Lou Reed wrote a song called "I wanna be black."


Anonymous Jeff said...

Dave, yes. yes, yes.

9/5/08, 9:40 AM  

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