Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Such an endorsement!

For the non-Yiddish speakers I have enclosed the translation:
I am asking everyone in United States to choose to vote for Barack Obama for President. Some say he may not have such experience, but I think he has enough of it. You have a little experience, that's experience enough. But I will tell you, a little experience is better than a little of the diabetes, and we all know his opponent, this Jonathan McCain has a great deal of the diabetes. A president with diabetes, not a good thing. Nu, what if he needs a shot of insulin bu the has to push the button at the same time to fire the missile? You cannot take injection and push the button at the same time, no, one of those two things must wait. And if he waits to push button, the enemies missiles could destroy us and kill him before he even has a chance to push it, and that would not be a good thing. And what if he chooses to push button first and then he takes injection? This could be bad too, it could be he never had to push the button but only thought he might have to do it because there was not enough sugar in his brain! This is why a president with the diabetes is not a good thing for Americans. What if our president takes a trip to a country and their king gives our president a little bite to eat and the president can not eat it because of the sugar level in the food? Well, the other country would be very angry and begin a war with us and our president would have lots of stress in his body and would have to take another injection. But what if this war had already gone so far that by the time he needed the injection he already had to push the button? That's why when it comes to my life and the Presidents, I don't take chances with the diabetes and I vote for Barrack Obama.


Blogger Josh said...

That has got to be the greatest reason to vote for Obama I have ever heard.

10/16/08, 12:14 PM  

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