Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Bailout Blues

My interest in the bailout has waned a bit in the last two days with Brewers and all, but soon, win or loose, baseball will be over and our economy along with it. Congress still has not passed the new and improved bailout plan, and while still not perfect, it is even more necessary to preserve our nation's economy and keep America The Great from a disastorous implosion.

To those who still think we are spending hard earned taxpayer money to bailout rich Wall Street brokers that sold us up the river, I strongly encourage you to read this op-ed piece from the Wall Street Journal. it's very easy to follow and explains exactly what is at stake, it's not their jobs and their money, it's ours. I don't know why Americans at large fail to grasp this point and keep calling and emailing their congressmen about how our government is going to give away their money to these rich stock brokers. It's amazingly off base and simplistic.

But I think that feeling is chosen because it's an easy and emotional and immediate response. There's no need to really get scared about what could happen if you blind yourself with anger over the figure of $700 billion. Let's take a step back and think about the consequence. I've also heard others argue our economy needs a good purge and this might just be the shock our system needs to rid itself of all the...and this is where everyone making this argument stutters. They want to say rid our "economy of all the bad things that are part of our economy" but they know how stupid that sounds and don't know the right word to put in. This makes about as much sense as viewing bulimia as an acceptable and realistic way to rid ones body of "the bad things that are in your body."

So here's the deal, I've made a mix of songs about money, not having any money, trying to make money, the evils of money, what happens when people have too much money, and the joy of having a lot of money. Go here to download it and then go here and look up how to contact your local congressman, and then call or email him or her and tell them to bail us out.

Bailout Blues
1. It's money that I love--Randy Newman
could have the greatest lyrics of all time and that means it has better lyrics than a lot of other randy newman songs, and that means I'm making a claim here.
2. Stacks of Money - Eagles of Death Metal
3. Dollar Bill - Smoothe Da Hustla
In this song, the listener is asked to think about what the world would be like without the dollar bill. And I think it would be alot like what would happen if there was no bailout.
4. Where My Money (I Need That) - Officer Rick Ross
Will we all be singing this one when we can't find our money?
5. Funky Dollar Bill - Funkadelic
6. Money (That's What I Want) - Etta James
7. Hard Times - JJ Cale
Get used to it.
8. All The Money - Bobby Charles
9. Get My Money Bitch - PImp C
Is Pimp C telling his ho to get his money, or is this a metaphor in which the pimp is AIG and is screaming at his ho, which is the federal government?
10. Money Talks - JJ Cale
Supposedly, money can talk and we need to listen.
11. Lawyers, Guns, And Money - Warren Zevon
12. I Ain't Got No Home - Bob Dylan
13. Ya'll Ain't Making No Money - Webbie
Who knew an economic Nostradamus resides in Baton Rouge Louisiana. This song is three years old but Webbe is right in predicting that we all are in fact not making any money. he rubs in his prediction by telling us how much money he is making and what said money will purchase.
14. Bitch, I'm Broke - Cody Chesnutt
Cody wrote this ditty as an answer to Webbie's joint. He is taking the position of one of the people Webbie has called out who makes very little money.
15. Money and the Power - Scarface
16. If You Got the Money, I've Got the Time - Willie Nelson
17. Almighty Dollar - Devin The Dude
It really ain't what it used to be.
18. It's About The Dollar Bill - Johnny "Guitar" Watson
19. Dollaz + Sense - DJ Quik
20. Unemployment - JJ Cale
Why does JJ Cale have so many songs relevant to our current economic woes?
21. Franklin D. Roosevelt, A Poor Man's Friend
22. Survival of the Fittest - Mobb Deep
"I'm trapped, in between two worlds, tryin to get dough You know when the dough get low the jewels go"


Blogger Martin Wurm said...

Good stuff!!!

Although, I kind of missed Depeche Mode - Everything Counts in Large Amounts (or as we like to call it, the international economist anthem: "The graph on the wall, tells the story of it all....").

Monday, Comet?

10/3/08, 8:22 PM  

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