Thursday, March 13, 2008

Amazing Bun B Interview

Awesome interview Tom Breihan did with Bun B for his status ain't hood blog at village voice. Clearly, this character is all up on Bun's dick, but after all, he is the best rapper ever.

"A lot of people wouldn't know that every UGK album is a concept album; they're not just albums like that. Like Too Hard to Swallow was about making music and beats so thick that it was literally too thick for you to take in; you had to step back a bit to really embrace it. Super Tight was about sonically everything being mixed perfect, all the music and instrumentation being perfect: not just using fake keyboards but actually getting a B3 and a Leslie and playing that stuff out, not just sampling a guitar but getting a guitar player. Ridin' Dirty was about a day in the life of the average drug-dealer in the hood. It was about the good things, the bad things, the shit that most people don't really know, the going home with the stress, family issues; all that shit encompassed that. Dirty Money was about someone who was trying to overcome everything and who had built this foundation that was based on dirty money and the way that you could turn around and do positive things with dirty money in the same way that you're beholden to certain shit when you deal in dirty money. A lot of people don't realize how in-depth Pimp and I would go into making these albums. We were very serious. Underground Kingz was just about us being self-explanatory; we going to be doing exactly everything that we've always done, and we're just reinforcing who we are."


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