Saturday, December 1, 2007


(Can you spot the similarity between these men? HINT: The practice is still frowned upon.)

I'm sure you've read the story, but a big deal is being made that the douche grew up in Wisconsin and didn't idolize Favre. What a pussy.

Perhaps this is just shit talk, the douche could have grown up loving football and his team's all star quarterback like every other real true American boy, and is mean mugging before the game. If that's the case, and it beats the next option, then he still is a little bitch who isn't foaming at the mouth getting to play against his hero. But I dont think we can even give him that.

I think the douche is telling the truth and he actually didn't like Favre and never showed any allegiance to his home state nor home state team which makes him a pussy. And a terrorist.

Here are a few choice words:

"I enjoyed watching Brett play, but it wasn't like that," the douche said. "I know it's difficult for (the media) to understand that. I know what you guys are trying to get at. I can understand the angle and it's nice and it's fun."

Here's another one:

The douche's all-time favorite sports moment? No, it's not Favre sprinting around the Superdome after throwing a touchdown pass to Andre Rison in Super Bowl XXXI. It's not a grieving Favre going off for 399 yards and four touchdowns against the Oakland Raiders one day after his father died.

It's Jack Nicklaus, then 58, contending at the 1998 Masters.

"I come home from church on that Sunday morning in '98, and I can't wait," Romo said. "And the first thing (CBS announcer) Jim Nantz says when he comes on the screen is, 'You're not going to believe this.' And they show Jack.

Yeah, you're not going to believe this.
In short, showing no pride in the team from where he is from, the douche's favorite sports moment is a golf moment.

In Milwaukee, there is a word for people like that, and it rhymes with faggot.


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