Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Concert Review #1: Black Crowes=Best Concert Ever

Couple things about the Black Crowes:

People that love this band really fucking love this band. They go on and on and on about what a great band they are. They tell you the Crowes "are a really great band, people just don't respect them because when they came out no one played rock n roll and they are just a rock n roll band and all they want to do is play rock n roll and they don't come with any bullshit cause they are so rock n roll and don't have time for bullshit because all they want to do is play rock n roll." I'm guessing that these guys grew up listening to a lot of rock n roll.

In the course of seeing them the other night, I came to some similar conclusions.
1) These guys play some honest to God rock n' roll.
2) These guys seem like big fans of the music they play, ie, they grew up listening to rock n' roll.
3. These guys are not bullshitting, they love rock n' roll.
4. They are a fucking awesome band.

It was really one of the more impressive shows I've ever seen, let alone from a band I'm I wasn never really too crazy about. That being said, I totally dig em now and would see them in any city that I was in that they were in as well on the same night.

Other random things:
My friend Jon is boys with them and got me the tickets and we went backstage and then to some weird bar/restaurant that could only exist in New York and kicked it. A few of them were at there and they are really cool guys. Not assholes at all. Chris Robinson has an incredible amount of charisma, and it's not just being a rock star. This guy could walk into a room and own the place if he was a bum. Also, he's a super funny guy, gives a lot shit to his friends and is super self-deprecating.

And I got it on a good authority that he's a Jew.


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