Friday, December 14, 2007

Chad Butler RIP #2

In the continuation of 414son's Pimp C posts, here's an old remix from 2000.

It's one of these amazing remix where everyone on it is just as good as everyone else. You could sit and argue about whose verse is the best, I'm really not sure. Cam'rons slips in and out of a super fast flow, Luda comes even faster and it sounds like he's trying to outrap himself, Juelz verse actually makes sense, Pimp C drops exactly what means the world to him, Bun plays with his words like King Jaffe Joffe started to do in four years, and Trina talks some serious shit about her vagina. Overall, it's worth about 17 straight listens.

What Mean the World To You--Cam feat Luda, Juelz, Tony Snow, Big Dick Cheney, Trina


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