Monday, June 29, 2009

Change of opinion #1: The beach/ocean

Apparently, this was published in an earlier, mistake-ridden version. Anyway, I'VE NEVER BEEN A BIG

fan of the beach for five reasons:

1. Too sandy
2. Too salty
3. There are fish in the water
4. There are sharks in the water
5. There are other things in the water that can touch your feet.

But you can't spend your whole life with your toes touching the water, sometimes, you have to just jump in!

And this Saturday, in Malibu, I jumped in and it was so cold. But I swam in the water for so long that my body began to adjust to the temperature of the water and I soon became comfortable. And when you are comfortable with the temperature of the water, you can swim like a fish!

I used my friend's boogie board and "caught a wave" as they say, and man, it was an exhilarating experience. One "breaker" was so big I "boogied" all the way to shore. It was crazy. I was on the board and I wiped my eyes, opened them, and I was still moving! Imagine opening up your eyes, and you are gliding as one with the water. Just one wave, and already I want to know all this Pacific Ocean has to offer. After that there was a mild disagreement between Sam and I as to whether or not the fin in the water I saw was a shark. We decided to play it safe, but there was still more fun to be had. To sit on the beach and read, or converse with your friends can be just as enjoyable as swimming in the swimming water. After that, we went and drank a few beers and ate a delicious dinner of fish, oysters, and other marvelous creatures this Ocean has to offer.


Blogger Jana said...

why are you trifling about in the ocean when you've not yet made a tribute post to michael jackson. please do so immediately, if not sooner.

6/30/09, 9:08 AM  

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