Monday, June 22, 2009

Phish (No Hippy)

I like them. I'm not afraid to say it very quietly.
The adventures of Nick, his lady, and I follow in photos.

Right now we're all just hoping to hear Tweezer. No homo.

"Hey Nick, did you catch the show last night?"
"Yeah, I prefered the second set. You know they started You Enjoy Myself but never finished it."
"Don't worry buddy, they'll finish it tonight, they do that kinda stuff."
"I hope so, I love the vocal jam at the end. No hippy."
"Man this water cooler is great, who brought it here?"
"Well, perhaps this is the work of Guelah Papyrus."

"No way, the 12 minute version they played at the UIC Pavillion in 2000, hands down the best version of Meat. Pause."
"Oh you were at that show? Trey killed it during My Soul."

"Bummer they didn't play Tweezer man, you want some of my Country Time Lemonade? This can of Lemonade really shows people the type of guy I am, it defines me, kinda like your awesome Nikes dude."

"Whoa fireworks. They better note this in the Pharmer's Almanac."

Halley's Comet


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you should post your address so people can send you money.

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