Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Keeping it real in Greece

Me in Athens

Never mind rampant government spending, never mind the creation of more than a million public sector jobs, never mind salary increases of more than 60 percent for government jobs across the board, never mind widespread tax evasion, never mind building of the fucking Olympics with money you didn't have.

The Greeks don't care their government joined the Euro, saw the low interest rate and realized they could gorge themselves the buffet of free (but borrowed) money. The Greeks didn't care when this money went for public works projects, massive government waste, and their own pay raises.

But what do they care about? What are they mad about? ZEEEE GERMANS

Why be mad at Germany? Two reasons:

1) Because they didn't respond quickly enough when the country's economy first started deteriorating which somehow makes the economic crisis Germany's fault.
2) Because they are Nazis.

This is too good to be true. You can't make it up.
Here's the quote from Spiros Ginis:

"We lost a lot of people fighting the Nazis," This is why we are disappointed that at the beginning the Germans refused to give us money"
But, Spiros Ginis the greatest Greek (pause) since Spyros Skouras continues, "We are proud because we did not create two world wars with more than 50 millions deaths."

Damn Spiros, you hurting em! That quote alone is worthy of a 140 billion Euro bailout. Make the check out to Mr. Ginis.

Other photos from my trip to Greece

In Mykonos:

Me on the isle of Crete:


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