Monday, January 25, 2010

Game of Games

New Orleans Classic

Words from Deadspin:
"Then it happened. In the most crucial moment of the Vikings' season, with a path to victory laid out before him, Favre had one more chance to be the hero ... and threw it away. When running for five yards might have given his team a chance at victory, he decided to throw for ten and denied them even the opportunity. As we'd seen him do before, he tried to do a little too much, take the big risk, make the dangerous throw. All the qualities that the blowhards of the world praise him for, turned out to be his downfall. Again.

It's not often that someone gets to see their nemesis fail in exactly the manner they long dreamed of. The fact that he got the Vikings as far as he did only makes the sadistic glee even sweeter. For those who were desperate to see Favre screw everything up, his season could not have had a more perfect ending..."



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