Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Pimp C passed away two years ago on Dec 4th. I missed it by a few days but I still wanted to briefly acknowledge this date. UGK has always been very very close to my heart. One of my favorite groups, hip-hop or otherwise, they are a rare group whose music does more than just sound good. I don't know how else to say it, but they have a feel, a vibe they convey through their music that just makes listening to them feel right. Music From Big Pink or John Wesley Harding style. Not the most mind-blowing music, but there's a feel to it, there's something about the sound that draws you in to the music. Is it the down home quality to it, the honesty involved, the intense level of artistic sincerity that makes you believe these guys are recording the exact type of music they want to be listening too? I don't know, but it worked, and it's timeless.

I've posted a lot of UGK and Pimp C related material up here, and I'm not going to turn this point into a well thought out argument in favor of UGK being outstanding. I will however leave the following clip (divided into two separate clips) of the infamous Pimp C Atlanta radio interview.
He did this shortly before he died, and if you aren't sold by the music, I hope you can enjoy the unfiltered spirit of the great Pimp C as he let's the people of Atlanta know he's not sorry for anything he said, but he'll explain what he said, and what he meant, if you gotta problem with him, he's gonna come see you Jack.

(topics include but are not limited to: Is Atlanta part of the south, does a different time zone from Texas make a place not part of the south, is Atlanta the gay capital of the world, under what circumstances is it ok to be gay, the finer points of fixing a tire with your family in the car, and why 17.5 is too low of a price for a kilo of cocaine.)

part two


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