Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Gucci Mane


Yesterday, Gucci dropped his big label, big time, look at me grinding for the last two years in anticipation of releasing this album type of album. Let's hope it's good. In celebration of this magnificent event, I we should all look back at the final track on Gucci's 2007 Back to the Traphouse, Ballers.

At this point it should be pointed out this post is more or less a celebration of one of the greatest verses by a female emcee of all time.

So the basic premise of this song is the girl will only date ballers. Shawty got a fetish for boys that go and get it, and if you are lame or square, don't even think about calling her. With a premise like this, the natural worry is the female mc would prove how cool she is by bragging about her sexual prowess and powers and say rather disgusting things upsetting Sam in the process. I don't know when the art of female emceeing embraced sexual braggadocio and I don't really care, I'm sure there's some kid at Berkley writing his college thesis on, always with the goal in the back of his head Lil' Kim will actually care, or Remy Ma will change up her raps. Please. And then there's the whole post-feminist, girls gone wild argument about taking control of your sexuality by more or less acting like a for lack of better terms, a lady with low moral values.

But hey, we're talking about a song, not feminism. And thank everything holy for that. I believe I was saying, most female rappers would start to spit some crazy sex talk, proving how dope they are and the what not. Not Shawna. With only one reference to her own anatomy in two verses, she manages to more or describe herself as the coolest girl of all time, or at least since Jenny Lewis in The Wizard.

In Shawna's world, there's little she wants to do expect hang out, kick it with her girls, talk shit to some dudes, sell drugs, and get high. She hangs out with the boys, but she still is a lady, and you would be remiss to forget that. And in the meantime, she's just gonna chill and drink and smoke,
"I'm way fucked up, I'm way tore back,
but I don't' give a fuck, I got it like that."

And there's hope in the world, cause Shawna's not doing this alone. She actually hangs out with other women a lot like her, and she's proud of her crew, and proud of their life. Listen to her dedicate her verses:
"I wrote the first three for the bitches in the hood
My air-1 bitches smoking on the good
Sitting on the porch, sipping on the yak
Or posted in the parking lot sitting in the Lac"

Gucci's verse sandwiched between isn't bad either. it's a little all over the place, and everytime he comes and tries to holla at Shawna he gets a little confused. "Shawnna's so fine, Gucci Mane I'm good, She's so pretty, I'm so hood...I'm so Southern, You're so Northern, we so crack rock, they so corny, the way I kick a brick it's like I'm doing a performance." I'm mean, I'm no one to judge what to say to a lady, I think he should have complimented her a second longer before telling other people how cooking a brick is comparable to one of his live performances, which, are not too exciting and a rather dangerous place for a woman.

Alright, we all know Shawna is mad cool, did you know she's also Buddy Guy's daughter?




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