Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Back By Popular Demand (Popeye's) Video

The Clipse feat Cam'ron - Back By Popular Demand (Popeyes's)

Since Nirvana, all music has kinda sucked. I got back into listening to new bands when The Strokes came out with Last Night because it's such a cool song and they look super cool in the video. My favorite bands of all time are The Strokes, Radiohead, Animal Collective, and Journey. I'm also trying real hard to get into this band Panda Bear. Or Grizzly Bear, who can keep track anymore.

I'm not really too much into rap music. I like a lot of songs Nate Dogg sings on and I was excited to buy Get Rich or Die Trying. But hip-hop music is hard for me to get into because I like music where people play instruments and they really don't do that in rap. After a while, it all sounds the same. But, this group The Clipse, they are the exception.

I like The Clipse so much because they are really clever with the way they rhyme words. They don't just talk about selling drugs, but they come up with some new ways to brag about their former lives in the street. It's really interesting to me to hear stories about what goes on in that type of world. They are kinda like urban poets these guys. And they dress really well too. I'm really excited to go see them play live because I know that with my tight pants and neon fitted hat, there will be a lot of other white people that will be dressed just like me. I want to fit in and not be scared to be at a rap show. I hear sometimes things can get dangerous.

BUT SERIOUSLY FOLKS, this song is truly incredible. Cam's verse, which I was kinda iffy on at first is a classic and ranks somewhere low on his top ten. It has all of Cam'ron's skills put together, monosyllabic words rhymed with the same, returning to a previously dropped rhyme scheme, bookending rhymes with even more rhymes, and it's even catchy, which kinda blows my mind. I mean Ulysses is brilliant, but it's certainly not readable, even if it does involve a Jew walking around all day thinking, "Dublin? Ehhh."
And not to get lost is Pusha's verse, he starts with "you are now listening to the all-time phenomenal/Used to bag work in VA at Econo Lo," and continues his entire verse never changing his cadence or rhyme pattern. And it doesn't sound forced or gimmicky. Banger of the year folks.

And here's a treat. Cam KILLING it.


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