Monday, October 5, 2009

On Favre.

Very briefly:

I am shocked and awed by what I heard on the airwaves earlier today. It's one thing to want Favre to do alright, but it's another thing entirely to root for him and his team against your own team. In fact, this action effectively makes you not a fan. I heard a woman (clearly overweight) say "I don't care, after all he's done for us, it will be alright if they beat us tonight." First of all, you are not us. Us does not include fat women who want to loose. Us are winners. Us stays winning. But most importantly, us wants to win. Always. Come on, let's get a little backbone here. This is Wisconsin, we're generous, caring, lovely people, but come on, we're not talking Minnesota nice.

So here it is 34-27 Packers with Favre playing the full game, or 41 to 3 Packers, with Favre suffering various injuries after his second snap.

Let me end with a word for word quote form a different caller.
"I'm hoping our line, and I don't care who Charlie, I'm hoping one of em' gets a nice clean hit on Favre and breaks whatever bones in his body he can."
"Oh come on, don't say that."
"Why? I said, 'clean hit.'"


Blogger Allie said...

that's incredible. i miss wisconsin during packer season.

10/9/09, 1:19 PM  

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