Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Go to the store and buy this album

I know I've been slipping. I know there hasn't been too much I've put up here lately that's worth reading, downloading, or discussing with your peers. But it's time for PSA. Go to the store and buy the new M.O.P. album today. This shit came out last week and to date has only sold 2,100 copies.

Combat Jack wrote a piece the other day on his blog about how we all need to go to the store and buy this album. His description of M.O.P:s:

"M.O.P. is ugly Hip Hop. Grimey St. Marks Ave., Brownsville, piss scented broke down elevators, chicks with bullet scars and the scent of Kush permeating the last car of the 3 Train to New Lots. Cocaine smoked in the Newport rap. Head nod, scruntch face muzik. Strap up, load the car, them dudes across the way owe me money music."

But wait, let's compare M.O.P to other artists sharing the same release date:

"...And “Foundation”, their most recent LP is one of their best ever.In their first week, “Foundation” sold 2,100 copies. Kid Cudi, “Man On The Moon”? 100k + copies. No shots to Cudi, that “Day and Nite” and “Make Her Say” is fires, but have you heard the album? Eli Porter raps better. And I’m being nice. This is what we wanna do Hop Hop? This is where we wanna go? We really ready to shit on and trade in pure, unadulterated dope Hip Hop for happy go lucky sing song nonsensical fantasy raps? If we is, please let me off this bus right fucking now, I’ll walk to my stop. I’m done. No mas."

So there you have it. I can't really talk about how important it is to preserve the type of hip hop M.O.P. gives us. They throwback to an era where rap music wasn't auto-tuned fashion music with a screwed Biggie hook. But I think Combat Jack gets the point across a lot better than I ever could.

It's safe to say M.O.P. is as real as it gets. No one ever will put Lil' Fame or Billy Danze in top five mc status, but their music is timeless, and by timeless, I mean a throwback to 97, which will always be a timeless era. In a lot of ways, these dudes are the AC/DC of rap music. They do what they do, and they aren't changing for the times. They are gonna shout their lyrics as loud as they can, track after track, getting you buck, they aren't ever gonna experient and try and change their shit up, just like AC/DC will never throw a sax solo or tour with a fucking keyboard player. Fuck that, they keep it hard. (pause)

Also, it's worth pointing out M.O.P doesn't play. They are just as hardbody in real life as their music suggests. (pause) Oh you don't believe me? Check this clip out of M.O.P. strolling the streets of Brownsville, with a baseball bat in tow, looking for folk bootlegging their album.


Blogger Jonah Mueller said...

Is it not available on iTunes? Why would I go to an actual store?

9/30/09, 11:30 AM  

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