Friday, September 4, 2009

Steely Dan Countdown to Gayness #4: Black Cow

19 years old, what did I know of Steely Dan? Sure I knew some songs. Actually I knew a few, a lot of these songs I knew I didnt' even know were Steely Dan songs. But fuck, Steely Dan? Hell no, that's some Audi driving, suburb living, 3 kid having, sushi eating, CPA having yuppy shit. And I don't get down like that. What am I soft? (pause) I got this new Blackstarr cd my discman. You don't know it? It's great, these two dudes from New York, one you might know from Soundbombing Two. Yeah, the Rawkus joint.

That was me. Then one day, while working for the summer on this movie Harball, I was walking down Maxwell Street, back when it was Maxwell Street, before UIC came in and destroyed 80 years of history, and some store was blasting, just blasting "Be Thankfull for What You've Got." I had never heard it before in my life and walked into the store to buy it, and everything else whoever recorded it also recorded. The guy didn't have it. What he did sell me though was a mix he made for five dollars with that song on it, and it was the greatest goddamn thing I've ever bought in my life.

What's important though is the first song, track one, side one, was Black Cow by Steely Dan. Yeah that's right. Everything else was some old soul shit you've never heard of, never will, and wouldn't know about it even if I explained it to you. And with all that, he still put Black Cow on the his tape. Damn.


Blogger Joanna Ricco said...

this is so fucking perfect. about steely dan, but even more so about maxwwell street.

9/4/09, 11:04 AM  
Blogger hdunce said...


9/8/09, 8:24 PM  
Anonymous jonathan parish said...

man that is the best defense for any song ever

10/1/09, 4:08 AM  

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