Friday, October 2, 2009

A short mix of soul songs that are druggy

Download here

This whole thing started when I discovered track three of this mix, Sweet Thang, on a cd I've had for years. It was deep in the CD and it was one of those great joints you've never heard and then suddenly randomly hear and think "oh shit, I could have been listening to that for years now." What a song. Great guitar work.

Track 1: Till you get enough
Drug related moment: DUDE, the horns don't even come in till two minutes in the song. Holy shit. And they kinda pierce at your ear, it's not smooth man, it ATTACKS YOU.
Track 2: Jealous Guy
Drug Related Moment: Fuck, that electric piano is melting in my brain. And it sounds like he's singing in a small room, that's so big. Or a big room, but it's really small and intimate.
Track 3: Sweet Thang
Drug Related Moment: Whooooooa. The organ and the guitar. It's like a blues slide thing, but it's not a blues song. Holy shit. Holy shit, these singers in the background singing "sweet thang" they sound like an angel. No, three angels, but like one angel who sings so nice it's like the voice of three angels.
Track 4: I Get Lifted
Drug related moment: He gets lifted bro!!
Track 5: Be Thankful For What You Got
Drug Related Moment: Dude I am fucking thankful for this song man. Thankful as hell. It's soooo smooth. It's not even like a knife in butter, it's like those clocks on the walls at grade school, remember? Remember how the second hand just tuuurrrrns. It just keeps on turning with time, never stopping. So damn smooth. Wait, what is that, a fucking vibraphone? Oh man, it's like echoing in my whole body every time he hits it with the mallet. it's a mallet right?
Track 6: Angel Dust
Drug Related Moment: These women, they are like the angels from earlier. Is that why it's called angel dust, cause it's like angel women are singing the chorus. Ohhh, there's a flute! (no homo)
Track 7: Ain't There Something Money Can't Buy
Drug Related Moment: Green Power! Money Money Money! These guys are hilarious. And the live vibe, you know, I kinda feel like I'm there when they played it. Nooo, it's more like they're here. Dude, wouldn't that be awesome, I'd be like "dude step away from that upright bass and play some Mario Kart with us." But you know these guys are super serious about there music so it would just be like a private concert scenario.
Track 8: Stone Junkie
Drug Related Moment: They way the audience laughs when Curtis starts singing is so cool, cause you know they are all like "Oh man Curtis is about to make some great music right now," and sometimes all you can do is laugh. But listen to the way he sings the chorus, oh its so beautiful. And this guy plays the guitar so well, and he can play it so soft. How do you play something so quietly?
Track 9: Summer Madness
Drug Related Moment: Are you fucking kidding me? When the keyboard gets going, you know the part, when it gets super intense, it's like a bunch of colors, like different layers of different colors just washing over you. I wish there was better percussion so I could play my tambora along with.
Track 10: It's Gonna Be Alright
Drug Related Moment: This shit is wack. Who put it on my mix?


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