Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Lil Wayne: Back on some 07 shit

There once was time when Weezy was known more for releasing mind-blowing music, not half-assed music at a mind-blowing pace. After a while, there was too much music, Wayne had done too many drugs, he released too many "rock" songs, had been arrested too many times, had done (one) too many Katie Couric interviews, there was worry as to whether Weezy had outpaced himself, if his addiction to drugs and recording had permanently affected his creativity, if quality would ever be more important than quality, if there was ever going to be quality again or if the flood of lower mediocre songs permanently damaged wherever his brilliance originates.

Enough of this writing, it's time to listen to Fix My Hat, a new(ish) Weezy joint that finds our protagonist rapping at a level which could rival most of his 07 output.

Also, this song features the greatest use of "pause" I've heard so far.

Fix My Hat - Lil' Wayne

"Tear drop tunes got you bitches boo hooing
weezy f. baby ga-ga goo-gooing"


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