Monday, May 4, 2009

More Don Rickles

Do you guys know about Hulu? It's awesome. Not only can you watch every episode or The Office and Rescue Me, but they also have a bunch of documentaries, including but not limited to "Mr. Warmth, The Don Rickles Project," which is, well, a documentary about Don Rickles.

There's some great old footage, a lot of people talking about Don Rickles, and also, Don Rickles himself, talking about his life. Some amazing clips include:

Him giving it to Ronald Reagan, while Reagan was President of America the great.
Saying some very mean things about Dean Martin.
A tonight show appearance where he comes on, doesn't bother to even acknowledge Johnny Carson, (when Carson tries to shake his hand he simply let's him shake his index finger) and making the biggest deal ever about getting to meet Ed McMahon.
Martin Scorsese laughing in a way you've never seen a person laugh in your life.


here's some more

Don Rickles also giving it to Reagan when he was governor of California, gets great around 2:45

Don Rickles giving it to Sammy Davis Jr.
"The day they don't make fun of you that means they don't give a damn about you." - Sammy Davis Jr.

And here it is, Don Rickles giving it to Reagan at his 2nd inaugural ball at that. Keep in mind the first joke he tells is the first joke he's telling at the innugration of a president. I'd call it pushing the envelope.


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