Monday, April 13, 2009

Paper Planes Remixes: A Remembrance

Remember when you couldn't walk five feet, pump gas, buy a pair of socks, sit in a bar, get a filet-o-fish, go on an airplane, make hummus, ride a bike, rent a movie, drink a cup of coffee, change a roll of quarters, play a game of field hockey, look out a window, canoe down a river, play paintball, read Highlights for Children, put ice in a glass, boil an egg, order Chinese food, pay your cellphone bill, hike up a mountain, schedule a meeting, tivo an episode of the office, or cut a sandwich in half without hearing Paper Planes?

Yeah, I do. That song was everywhere, and all at the same time. Did you know the song has many remixes? I"ll bet you had no idea. Many, many remixes. The only problem is, on all these remixes you still have to hear MIA, I wish there was a version that only had the rappers. Here is a guide to a few:

Paper Planes - Freeway
A little surprised by this one. But I guess Freeway is starting to enjoy a little bit of that "Clipse made me love/taught me everything I need to know about rap music" fan base.
Paper Planes - Bun B and Rich Boy
Needless to say, Bun B is on it, and Rich Boy, throwing some d's on the remix? Crazy. Just crazy.
Paper Planes - Jim Jones
You thought Capo was gonna sit this one out? Please. Dude's got an off-broadway play. Paper Planes is nothing.
Paper Planes - 50 Cent
So chopped together it's not even right.
Paper Planes - B Legit
B-Legit??????!!!!!!!!!???!!!! On Paper Planes? Who is B-Legit you're asking? Well you've come to the right place. B-Legit, co-founder of Sick Wid It Records along with his cousin E-40 is a Bay Area ambassador, local hip-hop legend, producer of fine beats, cultivator of bizarre strains of marijuana with even more bizarre names, and inventor of the terms "B-lah Blunts" and "B-La Geezy" to describe his over sized blunts rolled with the above mentioned marijuana. I would also argue B-Legit is the last rapper anyone would ever expect to hop on Paper Planes Remix. In fact, my list of Rappers least likely to rap over Paper Planes is as follows:
5. The old dude from Arrested Development that occasionally would get off his chair and do a little dance.
4. Sen-Dog (aka the dude that's not B-Real but often repeats what B-Real just said in a deep voice ) from Cypress Hill
3. Big Pun (and not because he's dead, because he was way to hardbody to jump on some current pop shit. For real, anyone that pistol whips their wife is not getting on a Paper Planes remix.)
2. Chingo Bling


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