Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Turns out, The Clipse are for real

It's been a minute.

For those that don't know, Anthony Gonzalez, an associate of the Clipse, and by associate, I mean former manager and owner of their current booking company, was just indicted for running a drug ring out of a Virginia Beach night club. Thing is, this wasn't any night club and this wasn't any ordinary drug ring. The joint was closed down last year after over one hundred 100!!!!! violent incidents including shootings, stabbings, and things we can't even begin to imagine. And Gonzalez didn't just sell a little bit of drugs, it's alleged he moved over a ton, aka more than a small elephant, or marijuana and over 100 pounds of cocaine. The Clipse booking agency was one of many corporations he used to launder his drug money. So it turns out, the Clipse could be very for real. And while I'm sure there's a lot more to do in Virginia than they claim, I don't think they explored the battlefields of Valley Forge too often.

A few days later, Malice released the following video which he claims he made before all of these cockamamie arrests. In it, he discusses his own raps and basically says, "yeah, we exaggerate." But the quote that follows is telling:

“There’s a lot of foolishness in hip-hop...And I just want to say that I am and have been a part of the problem, the thing about it is I need foolishness in my hip-hop, I need foolishness in my movies. I happen to like that. To me a movie is not good unless you got some bricks being moved or a few people get killed. I guess basically what I’m saying is when I get in that booth and I start recording I can drive as many Bentleys as I want, I can hop on as many G5’s or drop as many tops as I want.“

The question is, what does this mean and what does this all mean to us? Now, I'm sure both the arrest and Malice's statement will be debated for a long time among heads in concert parking lots and in college classrooms, and I'm not trying to join that debate. But I will say this, there's been a lot of "damn, the Clipse are for real with their shit" and "props to the Clipse for actually being drug dealers" that I've seen online. And while there defiantly is a certain element of coolness to the total badassery of these dudes at this point, I can't help but think that it's worse to get all excited because they actually do bad things.

I think we all know Rick Ross doesn't know the real Noreaga and Jay-Z didn't move weight back in 88, but this is probably the most high level drug arrest linked to a rap group I can remember, and again, we are talking about a massive amount of destruction and violence associated with Gonzalez and his organization and it troubles me.
I guess I'm rambling, and I don't have anything truly intelligent to say about the issue so I'll leave it by knowing I'm going to continue to listen to The Clipse, and Gucci Mane, and Young Jeezy whether they are fake or real or halfway in between.


Clipse feat Vybz Kartel -- Double Down

Malice Video Blog 1 from Malice of the Clipse on Vimeo.


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