Thursday, April 16, 2009

2 great songs I have no business enjoying:

1. A found out about this guy by accident a while back compeltely by accident. This dude's name is Olu, and Nas's dad's name is Olu Dara. Olu Dara is one of the all time greatest musicans of all time, and in the course of trying to download everything and anything he's ever done, I came across this song, Baby Can't Leave it Alone, and thought, if Nas's dad can play all the crazy types of music he plays, and can do late 90's quiet-storm sounding R&B, he's the best dude ever. Anyway, this isn't Nas's dad, and it's a great song I have no buisness enjoying.

2. This one I just heard yesterday morning on V100.7, which half time can mean it's a horrible song, but let's not forget, this is the radio station that dropped and put R. Kelly's Ignition (not the remix) in heavy rotation before any other radio station in the world had even heard of such a song. I remember they actually played it twice in a row, literally the dj played it once and then said, and this is a direct quote, ""ummm, I think America needs to hear this one again," and then asked people if it was too risque to play on the radio. I believe the question was debated in the context of whether or not kids will know he's not actually talking about cars. I know the girl from the Wizard would object to such vile filth being on the radio when children can listen. Anyway, this joint is called The River and it's about a whole shitload of things form love, finding yourself, fleeing your hometown, and salvation. All I really care about is how the way he hits a couple of notes in the chorus. (pause?)

Here is the video
Here is the song


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love the Olu Song!

4/18/09, 1:29 AM  

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