Thursday, February 4, 2010

Rare D'Angelo

Being a real big into the best of the decade lists, I've scoured the internets, reading nearly every best albums of the 2000's I could find. I was shocked, flabbergasted to discover most of these lists completely left out Voodoo. The fuck out of here. Leaving that off a list, and I'm not just talking lists of ten, but sometimes lists of fifty, is so shocking and offensive, it calls into question humanity of the writer.

Voodoo came out in January of 2000, just making it into this decade. And perhaps, a poor recollection of release dates could explain it's absence. However, we do have fucking wikipedia. And Kid A is at the top of almost every list and that shit came our around the same time. And I know because my roommates and I would fight about which one to listen to while playing Mario Kart.

D'Angelo's Voodoo is a masterpiece. It's a subject I've explored both frequently on this blog and to anyone that will listen to me pontificate on it nearly anywhere. I feel very strongly it's greatest album of the decade, if not one of the finer works of art made in my lifetime.

I'm not gonna get into it, I am (and here is the point of this post) going to share a few unreleased D'Angelo tracks I hope will make everyone happy and joyful no homo.

Let's get on to the main event.

Sardines - Live
This is crazy to hear a Go Go cover performed outside of DC.
Here's the original. I know it's not a go-go post but any chance I get.

It goes right into Left and Right
Left and Right p. I
Left and Right P. II

And on to the other, the gem of it all I can't find. I've tried to download numerous versions but can only find it on youtube and various websites. D'Angelo covering Roy Ayers' Everybody Loves the Sunshine, which has got to be one of the most beautiful songs ever written. What is it about songs with the sun, this, Waterloo Sunset that makes them so damn great.

The next two clips are in the link at the bottom.
These joints have D'angelo and crew warming up and fucking around in the studio. This joint, Joe Texan has bassist Pino Palladino going off.

Covering Gang Starr's Ex to the Next

Also on the zip file for your downloading pleasure are:
Another Gang Starr cover
Two more joints from the Voodoo studio sessions. (cover of funky drummer and an instrumental.)
A cover of Earth Wind And Fire's Fair But So Uncool
A song off the Baby Boy soundtrack "Talk Shit 2 Ya" which is fucking bananas.


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