Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Allan Dershowitz Vs Pino Pallendino: Who is better?

1. Interesting Ethnic Background

Alan Dershowitz was born to Orthodox Jewish parents in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Pino Palladino was born to Italian parents living in Wales. While Dershowitz can knock back a few at the Greenpoint Tavern and chide sincerely about how shitty the neighborhood has become since the kids moved in, Pino Palladino's confusing ethnic origin, along with his height (something like 7 feet) makes his ethnicity more interesting than a Jew from New York.
Winner: Pino Palladino

2. Amazing Early Accomplishments
After passing the bar, Dershowitz clerked for the chief judge of the U.S. Court of Appeals, moving on to clerk for Supreme Court Justice Arthur Goldberg, then joining Harvard Law School as a full professor when he was only 28.
Pino picked up the bass at 17 and by 26 was playing with David Gilmour, Pete Townshend, Phil Collins and Don Henley.
Winner: Alan Dershowitz

3. Ongoing Philosophy:
Dershowitz has always believed the American legal system needs to work for everyone, and if it fails for one person, the whole system itself is in jeopardy.
As a session musician, Pino has played across the musical spectrum, but no matter what style of music, his own leanings are firmly rooted in the R&B tradition.
Winner: Tie

4. Big Name Associations:
Regardless of his hard fought cases and dedication to preserving the first amendment, Dershowitz will most likely always be remembered for his role in the O.J. Simpson trial.
Palladino's strong R&B leanings made him an unlikely recruit in the neo-soul movement where he became a strong proponent of a behind the beat sound and went on to play on Voodoo and Mama's Gun.
Winner: Pino Palladino

5. Questionable Actions:
Dershowitz has long been a highly vocal advocate for Israel believing many attacks on the country are misguided and unjust. While his stance is noble both for his refusal to call his opponents anti-Semites and defending Israel from a more logical, legal perspective instead of purely emotional arguments, sometimes his tactics are not.
When a group of professors from Harvard and MIT signed a petition to divest from Israel and American companies that support Israel, Dershowitz challenged the authors to a debate. When they refused, he stages his own debate in front of 200 students, taping the petition to a chair and "debating" it. He called everyone who authored it "ignoramuses with PhD's." Even though many in the audience agreed with Dershowitz's arguments, his publicity stunt had questioned whether or not his emotions had prevailed and taken control of his arguments.
At some point around 2005, Pino joined John Mayer and Steve Jordan to form the John Mayer trio causing some to question many things about Pino Palladino.
Winner: I think regardless of how we feel about Zionism, we can agree Israel is better than John Mayer. Dershowitz wins this one.

Overall winner: A tie. Pino Palladino and Alan Dershowitz are of the same quality.


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