Friday, March 27, 2009


The final UGK album comes out next Tuesday. All signs point to it being classic, and that's about as bittersweet as it gets. Here's the original version of Front, Back, & Side to Side of their album Super Tight.... One thing you should know about Super Tight... is Leo Nocentelli, aka the guitarist from the Meters, played on damn near the whole album. And as the saying goes, "how many rappers rap over a meters beat, but how many of them record with them in the actual studio?"

Front, Back, & Side to Side

We only have a few days to dive in the UGK discography as a whole, so here's a few more off Ridin Dirty, which could be the South's Moment of Truth

One Day
It's hard to hear Pimp C sing the hook and not tear up.

PInky Ring
Bun B's verse is so good they have to divide it up into two. For real? Is there a better Bun B verse?

Perhaps there is a better Bun B verse, and it's on this song. When he gets done, you yourself as the listener have to take a deep breath because you have processes so many words.


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