Sunday, June 1, 2008


I should have written more often. I have a lot more to say about my time in Africa, because I was in Africa, and when you go to Africa, you come back with a lot to say. Since then, I had the oppurtunity to go to Providence, Rhode Island, which is kinda like the Africa of New England because when you go there, you have a lot to say. I suppose some would argue my life is like Africa, because well, I guess I have a lot ot say.

Here are some of the a lot to says about Providence:

1. The former mayor of Providence, Buddy Ciancii, was a bad ass. In addition to his poltics, which will be discussed later, he was larger than life in every way. He made it a point to attend every little league game, resturant opening, ceromony, etc. In fact, it was said about Buddy Ciancii that he wouldn't "miss the opening of a letter!" That's funny.

2. The other thing you should know about this guy is that he thought his wife was having an affair and one day, while in office as the mayor, he followed this guy home, got out of his car, put a ciggerette out on his face, and beat him to within an inch of his life with a big ass log. He resgined from office. When he ran again he was relected with more votes than any other politctian in the history of America the Great has ever recieved.

3. One more thing about Buddy Ciancii is that he was very smart and turned Providence from a dump to the thriving city on the ocean that it is today. Then after years of ruling the city with an iron fist and even more years of putting away mobsters as a prosecuter, he went down Elliot Spitzer style after a major corruption inditment was leveled against him.

4. He's a funny guy! My sister went to here him speak after he got out of prison and the kid who gave the introduction gave a faboulous introduction, fabulous. Then he got up and said, hey buddy, nice intro, but you left out four to seven years of my life!

5. The new mayor there is half Italian, half Jewish, and all gay. For real.

6. Dave Eggers gave a speech at my sister's graduation, and it was amazing.


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