Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Let me make this clear, Real Talk is the song of the year.
That being said, the best song of the year has the worst video of the year.

Honestly, I was expecting something special. Something very special. Instead, we get R. Kelly with his dudes n em in the studio fucking around, playing dice, and just sitting there not caring. Which is the worst part of the video. If any song should not have a video featuring other people sitting around, totally unmoved by the lyrics, it is Real Talk. As I've mentioned before, not on this blog, but out loud, loudly, to many people, it's the best song of the year, hands down no contest. Could be top five Kells song of all time, which would put it somewhere in the top 17 songs of this milenium, top 25 of all time. But I digress. Here is what sucks the most:
1. R. Kelly's chohorts are just fucking around. No human being can listen to this song and fuck around and not be totally engrossed and amazed at the genius. Their faliure to react with the proper emotional response to certain lines of the song makes one second guess the quality of the work in the first place.
2. At the end of the song/video the dice game gets ugly, a gun gets pulled out, and there is a shot fired. Unfortunatly, this is during one of the best moments of the song. R. Kelly tells his Butler Milton to start the car and warm up quick "this bitch done lost her motherfucking mind," but because of the gun, it fades out quick and you can't hear the line. Here's the deal. Kells' has got a dude to warm up his car, and that dude's name is Milton. If I had a guy named Milton to warm up my up my car, let alone a friend named Milton, I'd damn sure brag about it, and I wouldn't let a gun going off ruin me letting you know about that shit.

To summarize: Real Talk The Song=Best Song of the Year
Real Talk the Video =Worst Video Ever

when you search for real talk on youtube you can get a gang of videos like this, which dudes answering the phone and acting the shit out. All are better than the one Robert gave us.


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