Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Yi Jianlian

Can suck my motherfucking dick. No homo. Example

You get picked to play for the bucks, you don't want to play for the bucks, so you start off by acting like we never drafted you in the first . Ignore us, pretend we don't exist, don't return our calls, make us fly out to Vegas to meet with you and beg you to at least come take a look at Milwaukee before you diss it in front of the world. Tell us you don't want to play here because we don't have a large Chinese population, no wait it's because you can't get endorsements. No, actually, now it's because you want to be ready for the Olympics and won't get enough time playing on the Bucks because we don't need a power forward.

Are you fucking kidding me? A power forward, the same position that every year we say "next year if we get a power forward we will be a force to contend with." But hey, the Bucks don't need a power forward. Villanueva isn't coming off of an injury...christ, this whole thing is so fucking outrageously offensive and transparent I can't even go on.

You don't want to come to Milwaukee? You think our city is beneath you? Well, here's a little comparison between Milwaukee and Gaungdong:

Birthplace of Adam Loeb

Birthplace of SARS

Guess who wins?


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