Monday, March 9, 2009

Blackout 2: WHAT IT DO!

Yesterday, Meth and Red dropped a joint that's supposedly off their upcoming Blackout 2. I never even knew Blackout 2 had moved from the realm of hip-hop wet dream to actually has been recorded and waiting to be released. A scour of the internet has shown a possible release dates, but none of them make any sense.
Another Blackout! For real, this is amazing. Another Blackout!

About a year ago, Meth and Red teamed up to do a remake of Smoothe Da Hustla's "Broken Language," and if that joint is inditicative of anything off Blackout 2, no one will be dissapointed. Meth and Red - Broken Language 08

Here's a few things I remember about Blackout:
1. It seemed to be on all the time whenever we would play Mario Kart against each other.
2. Every song on it was truly amazing.
3. It's one of those rare hip-hop albums that appeals to all types of rap fans.
4. There were so many crazy verses and amazing lines to point out to your friends. And that's what it's all about, pointing out the jaw-dropping verses to your friends.
5. It had the dubious distinction of being the best album that came out within six months of the greatest album of all time.
6. It got a lot of people I knew who were not into hip-hop to really appreciate the music.
7. It doesn't sound old. Even though it's an album that holds a shit load of nostalgia, it could have been made yesterday.
When we get closer to the release date, expect many more memories.

Also, if you haven't ever heard the original Broken Langauage, sheeeeeeeeeet. You need to right now. There's no better version of east-coast, utter stream of conscineness, hard-core braggadocio.

I've posted the video, so you don't even need to waste time downloading it, but I also reccomend you go here, and read the lyrics, and follow along whilst you watch.


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You don't keep your eye on Trigger tha Gambler, He sneaks over and fucks your babysitter!!

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