Thursday, February 12, 2009

Cam'ron and my new best job ever.

So in the midst of the week of King Jaffe Joffe's resurgence, there's been a slew of online interviews (with some classic quotes but all of them are too long to ask anyone to sit through), a video, and best of all, a XXL exclusive report that Cam'ron has begun work on a sitcom that's basically a black "Curb Your Enthusiasm."

But it gets better

"Staying true to Curb’s unique brand of Jewish humor, Cam – who once had a DVD in the works called “Here’s Cam’ron (You Little Yentas)” – says that he wants to include Jewish people in the project. “Right now while I’m writing my show, it’s a lot of stuff that has to do with Jewish people,” he said. “So I called my lawyer, my man Andrew Bergman, and I’m like listen, would I be allowed to do this because I don’t wanna offend anybody.”"

Also, Cam'ron has recorded a song called IBS, which is one of the greatest pieces of Jewish humor I've ever heard. In it, Cam'ron pretends to be a Jewish grandfather lamenting the horrors of irritable bowel syndrome. "Ultrasound, MIR, CAT scan, sonogram Laparoscopy, inoscopy, I be stressed/The prognosis, diagnosed, IBS." And if that's not enough for you, thesecond part of the chorus is "I got stomach pain, don't matter sun or rain/Thought that it went away, uh oh, here it come again." Seriously, I keep the album this song is on right next Henny Youngman

So Cam even though you got a good mastery of Jewish humor, I still want to be part of your show. I know how to complain about medical ailments, I'm able end sentences while raising my vocal inflection, and so much more. Consider me a vital part of your show. I got further qualifications too B. I've been a fan of yours for a while and I also represent by my own loose estimates 80 percent of your fan base by being a Jew and therefore also a fan of Curb Your Enthusiasm. In short, I'm well qualified. And I'll work for cheap too, just gimme a good percentage of the back end. (NO HOMO)



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