Monday, January 12, 2009

The Actual Plot To The Unborn (Unreal)

Alright, The Unborn, from what I've been able to gather, is about Odette Yustman (who according to the Chicago Tribune spends "too much time jogging when she should be thinking about sandwiches") starts having horrible nightmares after discovering she's Jewish, no, for real. Then, there's this thing with an evil twin brother that doesn't really exist in the physical form, (you know, a dybbuk, everyone knows about that shit) and Nazi scientists who did some experiment at Auschwitz and somehow Gary Oldman has to get involved because he's a rabbi whose expertise just happens related to dybuk's created by Nazi experiments at Auschwitz.

How offended should we be?


Blogger D-Tents said...

Maybe that's what Blagojevich's press conference was all about. And those people on stage are those freed from their dybbuks by Blagojevich, or just dybbuks themselves.

1/12/09, 2:21 PM  
Anonymous janajett said...

unabashedly. unabashedly offended.

1/12/09, 8:04 PM  

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